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We want to hear your Fort Sheridan Story!

One of our primary missions is to assemble the history of Fort Sheridan and to share that history with everyone.  Fort Sheridan is rich with wonderful stories about the location, the people and events.  As time has passed us by, we have lost generations of wonderful people and their great stories.  Please consider taking some time and sharing your story with us.  If you know someone who may be elderly with a Fort Sheridan story to tell, please help them to tell it!  (All grandkids love to interview their grandparents.)

We will appreciate your story in any format that you can share it with us, reel to reel, VHS, Cassette tape, CD, email, Facebook or by the latest technology.
Our organization is young and small, and we lack the resources to build a recording studio, hire reporters, researchers and production people.  However, we have discovered an excellent internet resource that can facilitate your Oral History of Fort Sheridan, that shares it with us and make it public for all future generations to hear.

Most likely, you have a fantastic recording device to share your Fort Sheridan story sitting right next you now.  In fact, you may be reading this on that very device.

The StoryCorps is a free mobile application that seamlessly walks users through an interview by providing all the necessary tools for a wonderful experience. You will receive help preparing questions, finding the right environment for your conversation, recording a high-quality interview on your mobile device, sharing the finished product with Fort Sheridan Historical Society, friends, family and uploading your conversation to the website.

This site is a home for the recordings and also provides interviewing and editing resources. In addition, all interviews uploaded to the platform will be archived at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.

To begin telling your story, please visit:

StoryCorps Logo

Click Here to see Fort Sheridan on StoryCorps

From their website, you may register right there or follow their links to the mobile apps.  Their directions are easy to follow.  Once registered, please go the StoryCorps community named “Fort Sheridan” .  When you upload your audio recording, please use the keyword “Fort Sheridan” when describing your recording so we can easily find it.

If you are having any difficulty, please use our “contact” page to reach out to us and we will help anyway we can.

Here are the links to the Story Corps mobile apps:

iOS App                       Android App

(please note that is not affiliated in any way with Fort Sheridan Historical Society, is an independent public service and website.  Please be sure to review their terms of service agreement)