Meet O.C. Simonds Expert, Landscape Architect Nancy Hannick

Meet Nancy Hannick at 7pm on Thurday, March 8, 2018.

Ossian Cole Simonds was the original Landscape Architect for Fort Sheridan when it was built in the 1880’s.  Nancy Hannic is one of the few American Landscape Architects that is well studied in O.C. Simonds landscape design principles used at Fort Sheridan.

When the based was converted to its current neighborhood of homes, the O.C. Simonds design principles were included with the conventents of the communty.  Today’s Fort Sheridan Homeowners are expected to install landcape that honors the O.C. Simonds designs.

Nancy Hannick been involved with Fort Sheridan since shortly after the base was closed and has remains actively involved to this day.

Come visit with Nany and the Fort Sheridan Historical Society as we learn more from Nancy about O.C. Simonds and the history of the landscape at Fort Sheridan!

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